the Art of Steven Barker

Uneasy is the Head That Wears a Crown (43½''x43½'')
When the Foundation Fails (Fallen Oak) (74½''x69¼'')
Northern White Rhino - Extinct in the Wild (69½''x119½'')
The Absurdity of Stacking Turtles (41''x65'')
Paper Wasp Nest (19''x25'')
Bois d'Arc Tree (43''x61'') SOLD
Camellia and Swan (43''x61'')
What is Hollow is Not Always Empty (43''x61'')
Seeking Honey From Hornets (40''x30'')
Busted Paper Wasp Nest (44''x40'')
Upended Snapping Turtle (25''x19'') SOLD
Red Wasps v Cottonmouth (37''x19'') SOLD
Red Wasps v Cottonmouth - Round 2 (37''x19'') SOLD
Red Wasp v Cottonmouth - Round 3 (11''x13'') SOLD
Self-Indulgence (Desert Spiny Lizard ane Cactus) (25''x19'')
Shelter in Place (Tortoise and Succulent) (19''x19'')
Rattlesnake Kisses (19''x19'') SOLD
Carrion Beetle (19''x19'') SOLD
Celtic Knot Ouroboros (19''x19'') SOLD
Octopus (19''x19'') SOLD
Pinecone (11''x11'') SOLD
Resh Cicada Mid Molt (19''x19'')
Blackeyed Susan and the Bee (11''x11'') SOLD
Wisteria (11''x11'') SOLD
Zinnia (11''x11'') SOLD
Spring Wisteria Blooming (43½''x43½'')